GDPR Policy

The data-driven world around us is experiencing an information revolution as technologists create, gather, and analyze enormous amounts of data about people, their locations, goods, or services. Important concepts and principles need to be rapidly incorporated into our already established data management standards. As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which aims to solve the key concerns, is in effect throughout the European Union.

In order to keep up with the needs of the digital age, the GDPR replaces the several national data protection laws already in place with a uniform set of rules. The new regulation aims to provide people with stronger, more uniform rights to access and control their data by integrating data protection laws and policies across the EU.

Our Promise to Adhere to Law

Econ Market Research focuses on the following areas when getting ready for GDPR:

  • ● Enhancing privacy rights while maintaining compliance with current security and business continuity management policies, processes, and controls.
  • ● By taking ownership of their data and carefully analyzing the deployment options, customers may assume greater responsibility for data protection, the development of compliance guidelines, and the building of a more secure platform for them.
  • ● With mandatory breach reporting and harsh penalties for non-compliance, gap and privacy assessments are conducted in support of its clients' GDPR compliance.
  • ● Providing clients with assistance in understanding and preparing for GDPR.
  • ● To adhere to the new GDPR requirements, we are revising all of our data contracts.
  • ● Educating the workforce on the broader data rights that the GDPR gives people. All employees, whether they work in sales or security, must be aware of important changes, such as the elimination of posting costs for answering topic access requests.
  • ● Enhancing procedures and safety measures to safeguard, encrypt, and maintain the data's integrity, particularly with regard to third-party disclosures & international data transfers.
We Begin the GDPR Process in Easy Steps

To ensure a consistent level of data protection and security throughout our organization, we have established a data privacy team to develop and carry out a plan for complying with the new data protection Regulation. To prevent the modification, unauthorized access, disclosure, or erasure of personal data, we have multiple layers of security measures in place along with strict information security policies and procedures. A GDPR training curriculum has been added to our employee development program, which is customized to our core business processes and delivered through our induction and annual training programs.