Customers FAQ’s

This is my first time seeing this website. How can I feel confident in the integrity of your services?

Please browse the website to find the relevant information. After that, kindly get in touch with the sales team (at to request free trial copies of the relevant studies and arrange for analyst-led product reviews of the studies at a later time.

For each study that Econ Market Research has released, are samples available?

Yes. After receiving a question, the sales staff will provide you with a sample copy of the study. Additionally, a demo sample will be made available in the event of a future investigation. The sample copy is intended to give a general understanding of the report format and sample market data for data validation prior to purchase.

What formats can I download the reports I ordered?

The ordered reports are available for download in the following formats MS Word, PDF, and PowerPoint.

How do I obtain my purchase receipts?

Once the payment has been received, you are instantly emailed an invoice.

How do the terms "single user," "multi-user," and "enterprise license" work?

● You are only permitted to provide that person access to the report if you purchase a "Single User License"; other employees are not permitted to use it.
● Only 2 to 5 users from the same department of the same company are permitted access to the report when a "Multi User License" is purchased.
● The report can be seen by the entire organization with an "Enterprise License." This includes affiliates or additional companies.

What should I do if I still have questions about the report or the requirements for customization?

Studies that are syndicated are set up to serve a sizable audience. However, if you have any additional concerns about the report or are searching for particular customizations, feel free to contact us by filling out the form next to the report description page. Alternatively, you may call us at +1 812 506 4440 or send an email to

Are there any discounts offered?

We wish to help with the research and consulting needs of students, academics, NGOs, and businesses. To do this, we have created a unique pricing strategy based on discounts and payment arrangements. To access our special price, please get in touch with our sales representative at or by phone at +1 812 506 4440.